Monday, April 21, 2014

Ikarus Bus

Established in 1895 in Budapest, Hungary, the Ikarus bus company has produced many great public transportation vehicles. Saying many I mean several millions, as Ikarus busses ran everywhere in Soviet Union and Warsaw Block countries, including Soviet Estonia.

Without any "ostalgie", I admit that for me the yellow city Ikarus city busses still seem to be more comfortable than the modern Scanias and whatever is used in Europe. Especially when the bus is crowded, you can reach a handle to grab when standing up. And an old Ikarus has one level floor, the modern city busses tend to be higher in the back and have uncomfortable steps to climb.

Well, I haven't seen a live Ikarus city bus for year but a few days ago I spotted a fully restored Ikarus inter-city by the Tallinn bus station. Good people of Estonian Bus History Society have done a great job restoring it. Beautiful!

By the way, who ever did design yet another anachy symbol inspired Soviet period logo? I mean the Tallinn AP (Autobussipark).

Photos by Vahur Afanasjev, April 2014, Tallinn

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