Monday, November 18, 2013


Ziggy Wild, Noortebänd 2013 finalist (photo: Kris Moor)

Sunday, October 20, 2013


 Retro? No, it's 2009. Photo by Ruti, Hurmi, South-Estonia.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When a Finn goes to Latvia

Kalaci, Latvia. 06.10.13 by Mare.

Fear Factor

As all European, and, especially, Eastern European countries, Estonia is full of Le-Corbusier-insiper concrete buildings. Most people hate those... and problably these have the most inhabitant, by percentage. I, personally, rather like the buildings for the straightforward look, logical room planning, economical and environmentally practical central heating. If placed correctly (the distance between two buildings has correspont to be their double height) and surrounded with a touch of nature (grass, tress, bushes, flower beds, playgrounds), they're ok.

But what I hate, is that in 1990ies people took extreme liberties in fucking up the face of these houses, closing the terraces, balconies and loggias any way came to their mind. Oh, well, there's some vernacular coolness about it, too, but in general - it's ugly. What impressed me on this 9-storey house in Tartu Annelinn (Ann's town), is the last floor grated terraces. I guess there was some reason in those metal bars at some point, but the current level of criminality is so low that I hardly imagine somebody breaking in from there and carrying all the stolen stuff (TV set?) away over the roof... On the other hand, in the mid 1990ies, there was a wave of stealing bikes from 2-3 storey balconies. So maybe I'm just snobbish and the bars have to be there.

By Vahur Afanasjev, Tartu, 2010

Monday, October 14, 2013


If  lake Peipsi (not to be confused with Pepsi) is covered with ice (seen already melting and piling on the photos) but you still feel you want to go fishing, you need a karakatitsa.

There's Russia on the other shore. And the April ice can move big stones and pull up trees on its way. Just like the ice in "Ice Age" animated film.

Karakatitsa is a rebuilt car, something like a monster truck, only it's not a heavy show off job, but rather a light and practical vehicle. The point is, it has to stay float, even if the ice breaks. Internal tires of airplanes are most commonly used to the wheel - and sometimes upgraded for better grip, as seen on the photos.

Photos, by the way, are taken in April 2009, in Nina village (The Nose village) in Eastern / South-Eastern part of Estonia).

Estonian Totoro

April 2010, Kirepi. Photo by Mare Sabolotny.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

NWC Vineyard

Shit is the father of bread, we say. The southern wall of the lavatory (NWC i.e. no water closet) at my mother's summer home has perfect light, temperature and nutritive soil conditions for growring grapes. They ripe in late August - early September. Btw, here it's wise to hide the vine-trees for winter, by covering them with fur-tree branches.

Yes, grapes in Estonia (latitude 59°), meaning almost ten degrees wrong (latitudes 30° to 50° being the "official" boundaries of viticulture). And trust me, they taste good and one can make wine, too, though I'd stick with eating, as the it's a bit cold for the noble wine grape varieties to grow.

Photos: Vahur Afanasjev

Monday, August 19, 2013

Riders on the Grass

Riders on the Grass. Photo by Aapo, 17. 08. 2013, Obinitsa, Setomaa, South-Estonia.


Artist. Photo by Maive, 16. 08. 2013 in Räpina, South-Estonia


Photo by Aapo, 17. 08. 2013, Obinitsa, Setomaa, South-Estonia.

Estonian Summer

Just hangin' out. Photo by Aapo, 18. 08. 2013, Uusvada, Setomaa, South-Estonia.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Oldschool dj

6th August 2013 in Estonian Road Museum
Photo by Liiso

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This Guy Loves Milk!

Udder-hat. Nice! Photo by Aapo Ilves, 14. 06. 2013 in Raadamaa, South-Estonia.

On the Yellow Side of the Port

Grab your coat and get your hat 
Leave your worries on the doorstep 
Life can be so sweet 
On the sunny side of the street...
(Dorothy Fields)
Photo by Aapo Ilves, 30. 06. 2013 in Beresje, Setomaa, South-Estonia.

Photographer: I Didn't Come Out of the Closet!

Taking picture of strange graffiti in abandoned house near Kabli, South-West-Estonia. Photo by Aapo Ilves, 25. 07. 2013.


Globe in Piggy-Style. Photo by Aapo Ilves, 15. 07. 2013 in Tallinn.

Night Butterflies

Cobweb eaters? Just dirtlovers? Photo by Aapo, 08. 08. 2013, Uusvada, Setomaa, South-Estonia.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rocket Lovers

Strange graffiti in abandoned house near Kabli, South-West-Estonia. Photo by Aapo Ilves, 25. 07. 2013.

Little Monster

Little monster in warm summer night. Not scary at all! Photo by Aapo Ilves, 06. 08. 2013 in Võõpsu, Setomaa, South-Estonia.

Estonian Pipe

Water-pipe with many faces. Photo by Aapo, summer 2013, South-Estonia.

God Is Watching You!

Scary graffiti on men's room wall in Väike-Maarja, North-East-Estonia. Photo by Aapo Ilves, 10. 08. 2013.

Stairway to Doggy Style, Sleeping Special.

Old dog don't care. Photo by Aapo Ilves, 11. 08. 2013 in Käsmu, North-Estonia.

How to Eat a Cucumber?

Thank You for Asking! Photo by Aapo Ilves, 03. 08. 2013 in Luhamaa, Setomaa, South-Estonia.


Photo by Aapo Ilves, 03. 08. 2013 in Luhamaa, Setomaa, South-Estonia.

Pink slippers, green trashcan

Man with pink slippers lost something in trashcan. Photo by Aapo Ilves, 08. 08. 2013 in Tartu.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Liisu knows how to relax

Estonian Style's coworker Marja-Liisa rests & she is always creative & beautiful. Photos by Aapo Ilves, summer 2013 in South-Estonia.

Smallest penis contest finalist

... with girlfriend. Photo by Aapo Ilves, 04. 07. 2013 in Tsooru, South-Estonia.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Guitar Jamboree

 ...@ Von Krahl theatre bar. Guitarhero Martin Jürman plays, as usual. 03. 2013, photo by Kris Moor.

City Pig

Big City Pig. Photo by Kris Moor, oct 2012 in Tallinn.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just another fence...

Photo by Mare. 12.07.13 in "the garden city" Kärdla, Hiiumaa.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ancient wall-design

Ancient wall-design in Võõpsu, South-Estonia, 100 meters from Setomaa, but this is definitely Seto man there. Photo by Aapo Ilves, spring 2013.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Estonian on Åland

Photo by Aapo Ilves, 22.05.2013, Brändö island, Åland.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

South-Estonian thunder

Thunder hits little island called Salosaar on Estonian-Russian border near Räpina. Smartphone-fhoto by Aapo Ilves, 13.05.2013, Lämmijärv (southern part of the lake Peipus).

Fish dries. Ethnic pattern.

Fish dries. Ethnic pattern. Dried fish called VOBLA. Photo by Aapo Ilves, 05.05.2013 in Räpina, South Estonia.


Woodpile. Photo by Aapo Ilves, 05.05.2013 in Räpina, South Estonia.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Nice hippie-shirt.
Photo by Aapo Ilves, once upon a time in South-Estonia.

Hat Lips

Forgotten ski-hat in basement? Smiling lips? Kiss-kiss! Photo by Aapo Ilves, 14.02.2013 in Räpina, South Estonia.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Supper for 5

Simple dinner for five. Photo by Aapo Ilves, 01.02.2013 in Räpina, South Estonia.

Estonian Book

"Minu kannid" means "My toys" & also "My nates". Photo by Aapo Ilves, 27.01.2013 in Tallinn.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Parliamentary talking style

A member of Estonian parliament (riigikogu) demonstrating the classic parliamentary talking style. The location is the Emperor's Salon (императорский вагон) in the Go Rail train (Tallinn-Moscow-Tallinn). Travel in style!
Photo by Vahur, 28 December 2012.