Monday, March 31, 2014

Double-decker Woodshed

Dunno how was in London, Paris or New York of olde dayz but in Estonian towns most of the people lived pretty much side by side, especially in the center. Interesting contrast to really lofty living conditions in the countriside (our population density is approxiately the same as in USA or Canada). So, if you moved to town/city (rising trend as of 19th century), the odds are high you end up living in a 4 to 10 flat wooden (chinkless method log with painted siding) condo or a cabin in the back yard - and used a double-decker woodshed to store your firewood.
As people are opting out of the romantic but tiresome chore of heating and cooking with burning fire, many of the sheds have perished. But some are still there, used by the inhabitants and admired by the hipseters.
Photo: Vahur Afanasjev, 30 March 2014 Tartu, a back yard in Ujula street.

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