Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Foxy Mustang, Kapoti-Kalev exclusive

"What's the trouble?"

"Sorry for dragging you into it."

"Goosh, I'm in trouble. You know, I just went with that guy and drove his American car to the beach and then the police came."

If you go to Viljandi, be sure to have your friend to drive your Mustang. I started off my Viljandi Folk Music festival shouting "Mustangs are for gays!". Immediately after that an unknown madman broke a side mirror of a red Ford Mustang I had addressed. Couldn't stop him, sorry. It appeared that the car belonged to Kalev Rebane, the famous national hero opposing the Bronze Soldier.
So, long talk cut short, I spotted the guy several times during the event and finally took some pics of him when he was in trouble with the police on Viljandi beach.
Photos by Vahur Afanasjev (Kass Ting), 25 July 2009.

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