Monday, May 4, 2009

A zombie rising from the ground

Paldiski - the ex Soviet Army nuclear submarine training centre, now reminding a ghost city with a large number of abandoned houses and military facilities. It is slowly growing and improving, when just a few years ago the only amenity was a small hotel called "The White Ship" ("Valge Laev") (the food is very tasty there by the way), now the town has two grocery stores,a liqueur store, a bank, a tavern and a bed&breakfast. The train station was recently renovated and holds a small cafe.
A part of the film Lilya 4-ever was filmed there. Also featured in one episode of the American TV show "Alias".
It's not far from Tallinn, about 50 km, easily accessible by train or by car.

Picture by Tuuli Teppo. March 11, 2007


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