Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tha salt of the language

"Cannot the language of this land / In the wind of incantation / Rise up to the heavens / Seek for eternity?" asked the first Estonian poet Kristjan Jaak Peterson back in 1818. And I say it surely can, and with a sneer on it's face.
Not the first but one of the best Estonian linguists Mati Hint (on the right) and a legendary editor and journalist Oskar Tanner stand in front of the late star-translator Urmas Rattus's house in Saaremaa. And the Estonian language keeps on seeking for eternity, at least as long as men like that look so good.
Photo by Andra Teede (Kass Ting).

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Bryce said...

Hmm, interesting blog. I especially enjoyed the poetry from Kristjan Jaak Peterson. Very good!

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