Monday, December 8, 2008

Cold Days - Layer Cake

One wonderful characteristics of the Estonian climate can be described as "shitty ski weather" ("sitt suusailm"). During the last 15 years or so the sunny / snowy Estonia has turned into a muddy / rainy Estonia. This means that our weather is usually quite cold but the lack of snow doesn't allow us to go outside and ski. This is why we stay inside and drink.

Ok, but our winter is still wonderful - the cold enough weather makes people dress up in layers. That enables the use of different styles at once - for outdoor and indoor conditions. In addition, alcohol makes girls easy.

The photo above describes an outer shell - warm and woolly enough to keep the cold outside and heat inside. The photo below depicts the inner shell, which lets it all out, the sense of style and feminine grace, the sex appeal of the subject.

Conclusion: The shitty ski weather helps us wear different styles at once - something from summer and winter wardrobes. It also helps the ugly Estonian men to get laid once in a while.

A girl from a Senegali - Estonian concert at Treff on December the 5th 2008, Tartu. Photo by Priit Salumaa.

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