Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Estonian Look

Casting agency Kass Ting and our friends are planning to start a blog picturing cool looking Estonians of our time and past. The idea in antropological and we'll hoping to keep this blog for future generations. We are fans of how people look in old magazines and family photos. Sadly most of the material available in Internet saves only the cultural heritage of people of United States.

We are still in starting phase and not decided whether to keep est-look.blogspot.com or focus in Estonian capital Tallinn. For the latter we have http://www.tal-looks.com/ and corresponding tallooks.blogspot.com and tal-looks.blogspot.com.

UPDATE (17/11/2008): Now it's clear and we'll go for www.estiil.com (=estiil.blogspot.com) and Estonian Style/Eesti Stiil!

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